About Us

About Us.



cropped-Screen-Shot-2016-09-11-at-7.49.30-PM.pngMISSION: To become a one-stop service provider of Diagnostic products in Sri Lanka”

Elixir Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd is a compnay that is incorprated under thte companies act of 2007, in Sri Lanka. We began opration on the year 2015. WE are produd to say that we are one of the very few companies in Sri Lanka who specilize in medical devices. At present we represent we mainly spezilize in the field of medical diagnostics and surgical products. We represent 10 Highly reputed global bands. Our human capital is significantly important and plays a major role in our companies furture, hnce as at the finacial year of 2016 we have mor than 20 employees and a doard of directotrs. We are a compnay that possesa nd motivates contemprary business ideas and we strive to inovate in all our business operations. Inovation is considred to be one of our corner stones apon which the whole foundation of Elixir Healthcare is built on, It is embeded from marketing to all aspects of the value propostion.


“VISSION: To become one of the main players in the healthcare market with 20% marketshare within the next 5 years and to have suitable growth every year.”

We at Elixir Healthcare Pvt Ltd., seek to provide a new experience in the healthcare services of the country. We see that the growth of the healthcare sector and the growing healthcare needs of the country calls for innovative products and reliable services to be provided. it is highly important that these requirements are effectively addressed. We not only seek to provide a set of medical products; we seek to ensure these products are from the most reputed medical products suppliers and they met the cost expectations of our customers.

We identify that currently, different medical products are provided by different parties and in majority of the cases, a number of suppliers will have to be used for the sourcing of the products required. We at Elixir Healthcare Pvt Ltd., seeks to develop a “one stop shop” for the essential medical and surgical supplies so that the sourcing difficulties of the products would be mitigated. Our philosophy.


Word From the Founder CEO


Mr. Ebenezer John has experience over 33 years in the medical and pharmaceutical products marketing. Currently employed in a leading healthcare company as a deputy general manager marketing. He has been handling products in the categories of pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostic reagents, surgical dressing’s, as well as radiology imaging products. He has a thorough marketing and technical knowledge to persuade the users to embrace the products. He is also well connected within the industry. Mr. John possesses an MBA (AIB- Australia), CMA Australia, and qualified in ABE (UK).


Elixir Healthcare’s future outlook…


We seek to continue to develop our presence in the healthcare markets. We believe the growth of the healthcare markets provide us with the opportunity for growth. The investments in the areas of state as well as private sector continue to grow and this allows us to benefit from the continuous growth. It is evident that this growth contributes to enhancing of the market position as well as the profitability. With the increased scale of the operation, we will be able to improve the profitability of the operation in the future as well. The overall impact in this context is likely to be positive over the long term. We believe that the sector has very high growth potential and with the growth of the country’s economy, the sector is likely to continue to benefit from this high growth potential in the future.